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Canadian author and professional figure skater Nicholas Keagan’s first published novel, TheNewGirls, is a work of fiction inspired by actual events. 


As a writer, Nicholas has found that nothing of his journey into the literary world has gone to plan.


In 2016, Nicholas, with nothing to lose, launched a website around his manuscript, a web link that changed the trajectory of everything he had been building towards.  


In fact, long before locking in a publisher, he found himself on the radar of major film producers in LA and Vancouver.

Although TheNewGirls is still in the early stages of making its mark, Nicholas is beyond thrilled to know his characters are leaping, spinning and backflipping off the page and into the hearts of those who love the sport.


With its jaw dropping vulgarity and its off–beat humour, Nicholas’ candid writing style holds nothing back.


Nicholas also provides a provocative glimpse into his own pro-skating career, from massive stadium tours to the Las Vegas strip. His clever manuscript is a roller coaster ride of adventure that pulls at heart strings and catapults readers into a trilogy that reminds us how great the sport of figure skating once was.

   Writer  -  Pro Skater  -  Arialist   

Las Vegas

  Because every career has a starting point.  

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