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Feb 9th,   2o18

Hi folks! ... 

With The New Girls  still in the phase of a "soft release" until March 10th 2018, my marketing team is very busy gearing up for press junkets and organizing a launch party.


It's been a wild month of non-stop stress leading up to the website going “live” today but hopefully everything with the major retail sites will soon be fixed. It's a slow process and I apologize profusely but we are doing everything in our power to have things corrected.


That said, I am extremely excited to announce that as of yesterday, it has been finalized that the launch party will be held Saturday March 10th, 2018 in Toronto, Canada at Glad Day Books. Glad Day Books is a historic site as it is touted as the oldest surviving gay book store in the world and I’m so thankful they have taken such an interest in TheNewGirls.


Please check back to this page as I will constantly update it as more things fall into place over the coming days.

Video update Feb 9th, 2018

Video update Jan 10th, 2018

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