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  Multifaceted   Coaching  

Figure Skating


Hockey Power Skills

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Nicholas has a very personalized and unique approach to coaching skating. He

quickly develops a positive and encouraging relationship with his students to

help them achieve their best. He is consistent in each weekly session. My son

Shayne made more gains in three months with Nicholas than in over two years

with other coaches and trainers. Nicholas' methods and personality make each

player want to return time and time again. Goals are clearly established and

objective measurements are taken right from the start of working with him. I

remember following our first session with Nicholas he sent a video to track his

progress. Shayne constantly asks to return and that's all you can ask for in a


Nicholas uses clear, concise, and simple methods to see positive changes in

technique and form. Hands on techniques are also used which gain the player's

trust in developing the necessary strength, balance, and stability to attain the

movement and technique.

I would highly recommend Nicholas.

Sender Deutsch

Chiropractor and Sports Therapist Trainer

Father of Shayne

Important information all figure skaters should understand.

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Nicholas is a marvelous teacher and coach. He is a professional with much

patience and always with a smile. Really friendly to the children, so to make them

relaxed to learn and appreciate the sport.

Best of all he made my grand daughter love skating and wanting to learn more,

and continue to strive to do the movements well.

I saw Nicholas teaching all grades, from beginner to very advanced,, really

wanting his disciples to succeed and do well in the tests. Encouraging, making a


Him teaching long hours makes him hard to get. But he is a gift to us.

Daliah Organ

GrandMother of Skye

Nick has a friendly and effective style to teaching. Our kids looked forward to

their lessons and their skills improved noticeably over one season. I would use

him again and would recommend him to others."

Dave Mason

Father of Luc & Natalie

Nicholas is an inspiring, enthusiastic, and professional coach. My son not only

improved his skating and edge work, but he had tons of fun too! When you see

your child work hard, receive positive feedback from an enthusiastic coach and

witness your child get off the ice with a smile on his face, it is priceless! As a

parent, you want the best for your kids and it is clear that Nicholas shares that

same vision!"

Rena Schwartz

Mother of Jonah

As someone who started figures skating as an adult, I was very lucky to have

Nick as one of my coaches. Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango and Baby Blues, were

some of the dances I learned thanks to him.

Nick is very professional and patient, he pays attention to detail and puts lots of

effort on improving his students technique. He is also very friendly, kind and fun,

my classes with him were always very enjoyable; I also saw him coaching kids

many times and they were making good progress while having fun at the same


Another quality of him I appreciated a lot is how reliable he is, he was always on

time for the classes and never cancelled; but at the same time he was very

understanding and respectful of his students schedule, and always tried to

accommodate his time to the students needs. I can confidently say Nick is a great

skating coach and I highly recommend him for adults as well as kids.

Yele Bonilla

Adult Skater

Senior Development Engineer

Nick tailors his teaching approach to the individual needs of each child. He

provides an optimal mix of fun and instruction. As a result, my son not only

improved his skating in a short period of time but also his confidence when he

next began playing hockey. If you're looking for a skilled and seasoned skating

coach for your kid who is a pleasure to deal with then I highly recommend Nick.

David Allen

Father of Joshua

I had been looking to make a change in coaching for months and no one was willing to help

until we were given Nick’s name. Nick helped me exit a very challenging and political

coaching situation. He took my very shy and reserved daughter on as a student and within

weeks the change in both her attitude and her enjoyment of skating were amazing. She

made more progress and improvement in three months with Nick than she had in the

previous 7 months with another coach. Nick’s enthusiasm and energy were contagious and

she once again remembered why she loved the sport. I would highly recommend Nick as a


Samarie Lumsden

Mother of Elodie

Nick Brann has been coaching my daughter in figure skating for the past three

years. From the moment they started working together, my daughter felt at home

with Nick - he is a great teacher, and very patient and supportive. So much of

skating is about trusting: trusting your skates, your balance, your strength. Nick

has helped my daughter establish that, and she loves the sport now.

Heather Culbert

Mother of Mallory

Nick has coached our daughter for the past three years. His teaching skills are second to

none, and his enthusiasm towards the sport of figure skating is contagious.

Nick is excellent at relating to children. He has turned the hard work of developing

advanced figure skating skills, into fun for our daughter. She loves her training sessions

with Nick.

Becoming a competitive figure skater requires a lot of time and commitment on everyone's

part. Nick is extremely committed to what he does and he is very patient.

Nick also has been an excellent mentor for our daughter. Not only has she developed

tremendously as a competitive figure skater under Nick's coaching, but Nick has also been

instrumental in teaching our daughter many important life skills at the same time.

Finding Nick to teach our daughter has been a great experience for our family. We would

highly recommend Nick to anyone who is looking for a top tier coaching experience.

Marni & David Morrow

Parents of Jaimie

Nick worked with my 12 year old son, James, a AA hockey player, for an intensive

spring session this year. His coaches noticed a big improvement in his skating -

particularly his speed and acceleration - at our spring tournament. James really

enjoys working with Nick. He feels that Nick pushes him hard in each session

and is noticing the results and is eager for more training with Nick this fall.

Elizabeth O'Brien

Mother of James

As a former high level competitor in figure skating, I wanted a kind and

compassionate coach for my daughter that was not only strong from a technical

and choreography perspective, but would also help foster a love for the

sport. Nick is the perfect choice for my daughter.

He is very professional, gentle, supportive and knowledgable about the figure

skating world both at the test and competitive levels. He is out there on the ice

every time with the kids showing them how to do a certain jump, spin or dance as

well as off ice conditioning. My daughter looks forward to going to figure skating

every time and having her lesson with Nick. I strongly recommend Nicholas as a

figure skating teacher.

Caroline Newall

Mother of Madaline

Testimonials Not Viewable on Mobile Devise

Nick has been a great one on one skating coach for our 6 yr old Andrew. Andrew

likes hockey but we took the approach to focus on improving his skating before

having him join a team. After two years of group lessons we hired coach Nick to

give Andrew more attention then he was getting in the class. Big difference! Nick

was always punctual and friendly. Andrew was always eager and excited to see

and work with 'Coach Nick'. For the full 45 mins Nick would run Andrew through

the drills there was rarely a down moment.

Andrew now has a strong command of the basics and as he improves he will be

doing things the right way. We have Coach Nick to thank for that.

Dave Allan

Father of Andrew

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